Thursday, September 4, 2014

Donald Farmer Qlik

Exploration and Discovery of ‘meaningful patterns’ have since been the vehicle in both engineering applications and the attention of Liberal Art enthusiasts to spawn an ulterior result that has been lying there inoperative. This outlines the picture that fit-out absolutes are way ahead which any person can lay hold of only upon disclosure, and that it is accessed only through the ‘creative manipulation’ and ‘harmonization of material resources and technology’. This is paramount to attaining that objective.    
 I have been following Donald Farmers position and learned the character that differentiates his Qlik from the rest His notable insight that sketches this human activity to explore and discover meaningful patterns ought not to be delegated or farmed out. And since talents and flairs vary, one’s latent technological skills and information processing skills must be aptly utilized by one and the same person. Furthermore, your title or role in the company or in the industry must match to what you are good at.    
My fascination on this development is tremendous since I have relentlessly unfolded to my associates, in my writings and presentations that our horizontally structured era is flattening to amend the horrors of organizational silos. Watch my video presentation on 9 Myths that would help unveil why we are not reaping the fruit that our previous generation has painstakingly produced. That these silos are also causing unparalleled setbacks that worked leniently in our previous era because information was behind time and therefore change was sluggish. Also, survival challenges were lean and sparse before. Today, we have the fast pace highway parallel that has overturned our earlier generation; many now are engulfed with changes and the amount of information that is way ahead of time along with the foreboding globalization. The influx of barebones start-ups that is threatening conglomerate firms as it would jeopardize its exclusive grip on their talented employees, as a result of this contesting reality over the costly and inefficient brick and mortar infrastructure vs. the thrift of a virtual infrastructure owned and administered by home owners.            
What's more, Donald’s allegory of a wildlife hunter gives us the picture that there needs to be a scraping out of those barren pointers subsequent to one’s evaluation since they only disrupt the expedition and follow the kind of trail that articulates those authentic leads. The more credible are the ones that clear out most if not all bugging questions. Corresponding to one’s measure, it sometimes reaches a point where the need to retract and go back to square one is imminent. Donald’s product vision however which extends beyond business product innovation and design has indeed captured the more latent discovery that is indispensable to our concurrent time which will in its due course scratch out all end user in our business economy.

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