Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Writer's Influence

Unlike most influencers and writers who convene their observation from a subjective perspective when it comes to conflicting criteria similar to the business world like its economic interest vs. social responsibility, there is a need to annotate what is really going on from an objective angle to see how these things are in fact bound and sorted out together by a predetermined time.  Like a growing child, our industrial era is experiencing maturity, an era where both producers, who once were self -absorbed though not necessarily selfish, and consumers, who were highly constrained and thus vulnerable, have reached an age of fertility through a medium which we call technology. And since technology has geared people’s skills, viewing it from a subjective outlook is akin to a lot of complexities on the one hand but consistent, or else conducive to growth from an objective point of view, on the other.

As responsible influencers and writers, our stimulus should not be spent only on those subjective inferences and those growing predicaments that are tentative anyway, but instead show them the broader component in the interest of everyone’s self-interest or sustainability.

We have now a growing noise in the arena of preserving our environment while stifling the damage that we ourselves are liable of. We have an aggravated mass movement blaming capitalists and are agitated by the gap between the rich and the poor thus overlooking capitalist interest to acquire more assets to either supply consumers' needs further or to support newer consumers’ trade-in benefits in an open market.

So while for a time our world has to go through some arduous displacements every now and then, our call as responsible bellwether is never to fan those one-sided flames that deter growth, if not suppress it.

In other words, expose’s should never be meant to be an end in itself but a notch to enable us to look beyond and deliver those more advanced benefits that has a significance for everyone.

If our role is to press progress we cannot recklessly be in the casualty side only but rather to aspire or act maturely since we only have that faculty and competence.    

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