Monday, September 22, 2014

Filip Chlipalski
Filip Chlipalski

COO at Inadrop

To quote Al Pacino from Scarface: "In this country you gotta have the money first. Then when you have the money, you have the power". As long as the big oil companies are in charge (overtly or covertly), we can march until our heels are totally worn off, but it will not make any difference. Don't kid yourself, 100 years ago we already had the resources, techniques and inventions to make each individual on this planet rely on renewable and sustainable energy sources. We humans are fools driven by greed and corruption. We live in a capitalistic world where we have everything we need and desire, but still it is not enough. History will repeat itself and only major catastrophes or WWIII can shake us up. That's the sad truth.

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In Filip Chlipalski short comment, I gathered 3 assumptions that need to be properly evaluated. While it is true that money and power are synonymous, (1) the paragon of producers over consumers have been reversed owing to technology resulting to a growing well-informed consumers. Therefore its approach is off the mark . (2) An indiscriminate assumption of an industrialist economic system (Capitalist) that consequently supports greed and corruption see this article under ethical issues. (3) Major catastrophes or war is not the only handlers to change but a paradigm shift.

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