Monday, September 8, 2014

Response to open letter of Melissa H.

I cannot help respond to this open letter of Melissa, that places the primary purpose of educators to produce employable citizens.

First because it assumes that the global 21st century economy is synonymous to our previous era where a chance of opening up your own business enterprise is limited only to a few. In other words, we must not limit a student’s career to mean ending up as an employee but ‘career ready’ to mean, capable of following a ‘choice’ in life because of certain foundational preparation as their armament.

Second, while it’s true that the assumption to convey our economy by ‘unemployment rates’ which has never been a good index to measure the fortune when it comes to workers competence or the wealth of the nation, nonetheless when one starts to evaluate the quality of the countries work force according to the quality ratio of those who are already under employment and those who are struggling to get in the business leaders door is tantamount to making that same mistake.  
Third, unlike before, institutions are the role players when it comes to outfitting a student, now it’s the other way around and to the greater benefit of our students and the nation in view of the fact that the ‘heart of our economic effectiveness’ lies on one’s individual choice and supported by a service provider. An institution does not have the capacity to choose what’s best because institutions bound by the few cannot reach an extensive grasp of things. In other words, no one can design and no one has the ability to manage the free market but rather the upshot of individual choices will take care of it. This is much of the failure of our conventional theorems which has seemingly thrived before since that market has not yet been liberated and of which is now slowly taking its toll on us.  

In conclusion, in economics, when our conventional theorems that require that sort of intellectual premise, it can no way advance society, strengthen our depth of knowledge of our economy, and perpetuate prevailing values.

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